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Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI) is a knowledge management and advocacy resource organization registered in Kenya with the aim of improving policy and practice in the Horn of Africa.

Previously known as REGLAP (the Regional Learning and Advocacy Programme), it supports collaborative learning, civic education and documentation on drylands development and advocacy.

DLCI focuses its capacity-building support in Kenya, disseminates its learning and findings to other countries with substantial drylands in the Horn of Africa.

DLCI provides knowledge management, research, facilitation, advocacy, and communications services, and is a willing partner with organizations sharing similar values and objectives.


Communities in the drylands of Kenya are empowered and at the center of all resilience and development interventions


To ensure all stakeholders are working in synergy to support development policy and practice that is community-centered, inclusive and conflict-sensitive

Core Values

1.   Protection of the rights of all individuals in the drylands to full participation in their development.

2.   Transparency, accountability, collaboration, and synergy of all actors.

3.   Conflict and gender-sensitive.

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