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Women’s Caucus

The Pastoralist Parliamentary Group (PPG) women caucus' purpose is to advance the interests of the pastoralist women in promoting appropriate policy and legislation that empowers and enhances the social-economic welfare of pastoralist women.

In the 12th Parliament, there are a total of 27 women members of the PPG including 15 women’s representatives, 6 nominated senators, one elected senator, 4 elected MPs and one nominated MP. During the PPG leadership elections that took place in December 2017, three women were elected as members of the PPG executive committee, out of the 18 members, and 4 women head the 10 subcommittees of the PPG working group that include peace and security, equalisation and affirmative action, devolution and decentralised government and the women’s caucus.

To be a critical parliamentary force for promoting pastoralist women’s voice and interests


Pastoralist women face numerous challenges including many general issues that are not specific to women, but affect women in gendered ways. For example, in the general PPG priorities there is concern about how women are affected by conflict and extremism.

The roll out of the Community Land Act, needs to ensure adequate involvement and registration of women, as well as in compensation for land, which is often constrained by women’s lack of documentation. However, the caucus will initially focus on a few key areas in order to make a discernible impact.

Key priority areas

The following are key priority areas of the women’s caucus:

  • Promote women’s economic and political empowerment.

  • Improve service provision for women particularly education and health care.

  • Address cultural and reproductive health issues including FGM, GBV and early marriage.


The following members lead the PPG women’s caucus:

Sen. Naomi Jillo


Hon. Sarah Korere

Vice Chair

Hon. Janet Teiya

Organizing Secretary

Sen. Farhiya Ali Haji

Secretary General

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