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Pastoralist Leadership Summit

Brief Overview

The first Pastoralist Leadership Summit (PLS) was held in Narok County. The conference was an outcome of a Pastoralist Parliamentary Group (PPG) meeting held in Mombasa in 2013, which recommended the involvement of county leadership in the annual pastoralists’ leaders conference.

The PLS brings together the leadership in Kenya from 15 counties; Turkana, Baringo, West Pokot, Samburu, Isiolo, Marsabit, Mandera, Wajir, Garissa, Tana River, Elgeyo Marakwet, Kajiado, Narok, Laikipia and Lamu.

The PLS leadership in 2018 comprises of 15 Governors, 21 Senators, 84 MPs including the 27 Women County Representatives in the National Assembly and 15 Speakers of the County Assemblies.

For the first time, Members of the County Assemblies, especially from the FCDC, 10 counties will be attending the summit. The members of the 12th Parliament changed PLS as a formal operating structure to an annual event that is organized by the PPG.

In February of 2019, the Parliamentary Pastoralists Group (PPG) and the Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC) came together to organize the PLS conference in Garissa.


Fostering peace & security and enhancing socio-economic development in pastoralist areas


We, the leaders of 15 pastoralist counties in Kenya: 15 Governors; 105 (84 MPs+ 21 Senators), the members of Pastoralist Parliamentary Group-PPG, that include 15 Deputy Governors, 15 County Assembly Speakers, 500 MCAs from Frontiers Counties Development Council-FCDC and other 300 community leaders met from 28th February-2nd March 2019 in Garissa and deliberated on key issues that concern our people and counties.

Peace, Security, Countering Terrorism, Ethic Extremism and Socio- Economic Development were the main thematic areas.

We resolve to work together as a vibrant and strong progressive community of Kenya, no longer as fragmented ethnic groups but as The Pastoralists.

We further resolve as follows:

Recognising the commitment of the National Government to ensuring effective and accountable protection of our country and our region, we resolve to:

  • Invest in counter-radicalization measures and demand national government investment in the same.

  • Demand that national anti-radicalization programs avoid targeting and ethnic profiling of border communities as it has proved counter-productive.

  • Increase cooperation between county governments and national security agencies.

  • Develop a peer review mechanism to allow for county to county cooperation.

  • Initiate legislative framework to include county governments in matters of security.

  • Spearhead policy and legislative agenda to eliminate cattle rustling within the pastoralist region.

  • Fast track issuance of national Identity card and invest in young people including but not limited to sports.

Recognizing the importance of an accurate census being implemented in a manner that considers the nomadic way of life our majority populations, we resolve to:

  • Ensure that the Kenya Bureau of Statistics designs and implements an appropriate methodology to enumerate all the residents of the pastoralist areas.

  • Ensure that the Kenya Bureau of Statistics review the benchmarks of census in other countries with pastoralists populations.

  • Educate and mobilize our entire population to come out and be counted.

  • Support referendum question on increasing county funding allocation.

Appreciating the value of partnership and investment for the growth of the economy of the frontier and pastoralist counties, we resolve to:

  • Provide enabling conditions for investment in our counties while protecting the people and environment.

  • Focus on investment in the livestock sector, while also making room for the development of other sectors.

  • Increase budgetary allocation in livestock sector in all our counties (minimum of 10%).

  • Demand that all delayed infrastructural developments are fast tracked and completed as per the contract timeline.

  • Demand a sustained commitment by national government to fast-track the implementation of NEDI projects and programs.

  • Support the Kenya Livestock Marketing Board Bill.

  • Support the amendment to the Kenya Livestock Branding Act.

Acknowledging Article 204 of the Constitution on the equalization fund and the delay on its disbursement to marginalized areas, we resolve to:

  • Demand that all outstanding equalization funds be disbursed immediately as per the current formula.

  • Reject the proposals in the 2nd marginalization policy formula that seek to add new counties to benefit from the Equalization fund.

  • Reject any changes that further marginalises our counties in the proposed 3rd generation county equitable revenue sharing formula.

  • Demand a simple and clear management of the equalization fund.

Acknowledging the vital contribution of women to the labour force and our political and intellectual capacity, we resolve to:Acknowledging the vital contribution of women to the labour force and our political and intellectual capacity, we resolve to:

  • Welcome and support the establishment of the new PPG Women’s Caucus, in particular its work on elimination of gender-based violence and advocacy for opening more political space for women.

Recognising that electoral boundary changes are highly sensitive we resolve to:

  • Not allow a single Ward, Constituency or County in the pastoralist areas to be merged in the forthcoming boundary review.

  • Commit to working with the IEBC to ensure that the boundary review is carried out in a way that ensures peace and security.

Concerned that there are low levels of education in pastoralist areas, lack of teachers and poor-quality schooling, we resolve to:

  • Support the NACONEK Bill to establish the National Council for Nomadic Education in Kenya to give a legal framework to champion for education in the pastoralist counties.

  • Develop a coordination mechanism to enhance effective implementation and accountability of education and training programs.

  • Establish an education sector forum coordinated by NACONEK within the FCDC caucus.

  • Demand flexible education systems that can provide quality education for the children in our counties.

Emphasising the vital importance of clear land tenure to prosperity and peace in our counties and recognizing customary community land rights, and the responsibilities of county governments for protecting unregistered community and also for public land, we resolve to:

  • Undertake land inventories and spatial plans for each of our counties before the deadline of August 2019;

  • Proactively engage all our communities, including the nomadic pastoralists, and coordinate the exercise of public education on the need to adjudicate, agree and register community lands.

  • Demand that the National Government, pursuant to the provisions of the Community Land Act, 2016, fast tracks the deployment of Community Land Registrars to each pastoralist county.

  • Review the Land Value Index Amendment Bill 2018 to ensure community land is valued at its correct level in accordance with Article 63 of the Constitution of Kenya.

  • Require that any prospecting and exploitation of resources on, under and above surface of any community or public land be carried out in cooperation with county governments and the communities that have customary ownership of the land.

  • Ensure that community land registration takes place before any large-scale compulsory acquisition of land. Apply policies uniformly and transparent to minimize suspicion and increase confidence.

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