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1_Gender-and-DRR_FINAL_Dec-2011-1 Changing the nature of gender roles in the drylands of the Horn and East Africa: implications for DRR programmes This report explores gender in relation to three dominant processes of change that are occurring in pastoral communities in the Horn and East Africa:
i) changes in access to land and natural resources;
ii) the commercialisation and privatisation of pastoral assets; and
iii) shifts in governance and decision-making processes. The report then considers to what degree gender relations and the changes taking place are included within drought risk reduction (DRR) and response strategies, and what lessons can be learnt for developing more effective, gender-sensitive drought-related interventions.
Gender Flintan, F. - November 2011 Horn of Africa

study-review-5 Rangeland fragmentation in traditional grazing areas and impact on resilience of pastoral communities to drought: lessons Borana, Oromo and Harshin, Somali region states, Ethiopia This Study  on Ethiopia's Land Fragmentation in the drylands of the Horn of Africa and its effects on pastoral resilience.this is having a highly negative impact on pastoralism as an effective production system in these predominantly drylands areas,and increasing the vulnerability of those who rely on pastoralism for their food and livelihood security. Natural Resource Management Flintan, F. - September 2011 Ethiopia