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110215-media-presentation-final-1 Obstacles and Opportunities for effective Drought Management in Kenya This is a presentation from a media briefing that was organised by REGLAP in 2011 to highlight the 2011 drought, its causes and what government and other agencies needed to do to reduce vulnerability of communities to drought. Drought cycle management REGLAP - February 2011 Kenya

Reglap-media-summary-2-pager-web-1 Brief: Pastoralists Get a Bad Press, why? This brief was developed by REGLAP in 2010 to encourage the media to highlight positive contribution of pastoralists rather than focusing too much on the negative including fighting and hunger. Pastoralism general REGLAP - October 2010 Horn of Africa

Journalist-Booklet-edited-final-1 Get to Know Pastoralism - It works! A Handbook for Journalists This booklet was produced under Phase II of Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Advocacy Project (REGLAP) funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) Pastoralism general REGLAP - September 2009 Horn of Africa

2-Demographics-1 Pastoralists and Population Change This brief highlights demographic trends in the drylands of the Horn of Africa and provides some of the reasons why most pastoralists are opting to diversify their livelihoods. Pastoralism general REGLAP - March 2008 Horn of Africa

3-Policies-and-Practice-1 Pastoralist Policies and Practice This brief highlights policy and practice implemented by governments and aid agencies that lead to pastoralists' vulnerability, and provides recommendations to reverse this trend. Advocacy REGLAP - March 2008 Horn of Africa

5-Livelihoods-1 Making a living This brief argues that short term assistance has undermined pastoralist adaptability and resourcefulness, and provides recommendations that can be taken forward by governments and aid agencies. Livestock health, production and marketing Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Advocacy Project - March 2008 Horn of Africa

6-Zoosanitary-1 Profiting from Livestock This brief highlights the economic significance of pastoralist production system and what governments and other development actors can do to support it. Livestock health, production and marketing Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Advocacy Project - March 2008 Horn of Africa

How-to-Make-Pastoralism-work-1 How to Make Pastoralism Work This brief provides recommendations that governments can take to support pastoralist livelihoods in the Horn of Africa. Pastoralism general Regional Pastoralt Livelihoods Advocacy Project - February 2008 Horn of Africa