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Water Documents

This water documents database contains some key reference documents on water planning and development in the drylands of the Horn of Africa. This database aims to help promote sharing of research and documentation on water development in the drylands of the Horn of Africa which has found to be particularly weak. The documents are sorted by date, with the latest appearing first.

They have also been classified by subject, based on DLCI’s subject categorization which can be viewed/downloaded at: (click to download). The database is no means comprehensive but aims to promote public sharing and exchange of documents to improve policy and practice. Please send any other documents or comments or suggestions to

Title Author Organization Sub-Subject Type Of Document Date
Exploratory irrigation water suitability study Vaughan, R. A. Wajir County & Cropnuts Laboratory Services Irrigation Study February 2016
Good Practice Principles Water Development in the Dry lands of the Horn of Africa S. Avery and V. Tilstone FAO/DLCI FAO/DLCI Report 2015
Turkana aquifer discoveries and development proposal Avery, S. DLCI DLCI Report 2014
Water development and irrigation in Karamoja, Uganda Avery, S. ACT Alliance/DLCI Water Report 2014
The Turkana Aquifer discoveries and development proposals Avery, S. DLCI Water Brief 2014
Good practices in water development in dryland regions Mtisi, S. & Nicol, A. IUCN, REGLAP, ACF Water Report 2013
Good practice for water development for the drylands Mtisi, S. & Nicol, A. IUCN,ACF,DLCI Humanitarian Aid and Civil protection IUCN,ACF,DLCI Humanitarian Aid and Civil protection Report 2013
Review of the Report: Advanced Survey of Groundwater Resources of Northern and Central Turkana County, Kenya Radar Technologies International Radar Technologies International Water Brief 2013
Good practice guidelines for water development Somali Regional State of Ethiopia Somali Regional State of Ethiopia Water Guide 2012
The project on development of the national water master plan 2030 in the Republic of Kenya: Draft final report, Vol 1 - JICA Water Report 2012
Kenya Groundwater governance case study Mumma, A., Lane, M., Kairu, E., Tuinhof, A., & Hir Water Partnership Program Water Report 2011
Good practice principles: Guidelines for water development in the drylands of Africa Gitonga, M. REGLAP/FAO Water Good practice principles 2011
Water resources management rules - Water Resources Management Authority Water Guidelines 2007

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