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Innovations & New Technology Inventory

This inventory is being developed to inform a range of development actors about technologies and innovations which have or have not been tested to promote resilience in the drylands of the Horn of Africa. The aim of the inventory is to highlight what evidence or feasibility studies are available in order to promote lesson learning from the past and ensure that appropriate investments are being made

The database lists approach describes whether and where they have been piloted, highlights possible opportunities and constraints, whether impact assessments or cost-benefit analysis has been carried out or any assessment of scalability and replicability. Contacts are provided for organizations/individuals who are involved in piloting of approaches so that further information can be sought and lessons learned.

Please see the guide to the database click here and send any comments, suggestions or additions to

Sub-Subject Innovation Description Summary Overview Reviews/Studies
Early warning - - Karamoja Drought Early Warning System (DEWS): An Assessment of Data Reliability, End-User Awareness and Early Action: Download Link
Lessons learned from Drought Early Warning Systems in Uganda and Kenya: Download Link

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