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Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI)

Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI) is a knowledge management and advocacy resource organization registered in Kenya with the aim of improving policy and practice in the Horn of Africa. Previously known as REGLAP (the Regional Learning and Advocacy programme), it supports collaborative learning and documentation on drylands development and advocacy.


DLCI & PPG critical documents

These databases are a general collection of various briefs, journals, e-bulletins, posters and handbooks on key resilience issues experienced in the drylands of the Horn of Africa.


Research & learning documents

These are databases of key reference documents by different authors and organizations on critical issues in the drylands of the Horn of Africa. These databases not comprehensive but aim to provide a useful resource for people new to the region or the drylands

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The Pastoralist Parliamentary Group

The Pastoralist Parliamentary Group (PPG) was formed in 1998. Its purpose is to mainstream the pastoralists’ agenda within the national political and policy processes.

The membership of PPG is open to all members elected or nominated from the pastoralist counties to the National Assembly (MPs/CWR) and the Senate (Senators) regardless of their ethnicity or political party affiliation.

The PPG membership in the 12th Parliament stands at 108 members from among the 11 political parties. There are a total of 27 women members including the first pastoralist woman elected to the Senate from Isiolo County and five women elected as Members of Parliament representing Baringo South, Ijara-Garissa, Kajiado East, Laikipia North, and Samburu West constituencies.


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