Studies and reviews

Isiolo County Flag and Symbols Act, 2015 AN  ACT  of  the  Isiolo  County  Assembly  to  provide  for  flag  and symbols of the Isiolo County government; to prohibit the improper  use  of  the  flag  and  symbols;  and  for  connected purposes. Passed
REGLAP Strategic Plan (2014 - 2018)
Description: This strategic plan articulates the strategic framework that will inform the activities of the Programme during the five-year period, building on the experience, networks and resources that it has accumulated since its inception in 2008.
Subject: Planning
Author: DLCI
Organization: DLCI
Year: July 2013
Geographical Location: HOA

Institutional Mapping for Regional Learning and Advocacy Programme – (Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative)
Description: This study looks at REGLAP as it moves into a new phase of operation, under the name Dryland Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI) it seeks to promote evidence-based policy and practice amongst stakeholders working in the drylands.
Subject: Planning
Author: Sarah Gibbons
Organization: Enter organization here
Year: December 2013
Geographical Location: HOA

Dryland Learning and Capacity Building Initiative (DLCI): Strategy for Strengthening Dryland Citizens’ Voice
Description: This strategy has been developed to inform the means by which people communicate their interests and demands, in such a way as to generate respect and response.
Subject: Planning
Author: Sarah Gibbons
Organization: DLCI
Year: October 2014
Geographical Location: HOA

DLCI Framework for Improved Integrated Education in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya
Description: This framework is based on a review of available literature and consultations with key informants on the current status of education in ASALs in Kenya and what is working in other dryland areas of the world.
Subject: Education
Author: Wesonga, D.
Organization: DLCI
Year: April 2015
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa

Counting Pastoralists' in Kenya
Description: This report looks at the demand, the supply, and the future concerning data on the magnitude of pastoral systems in Kenya, based on the assertion that overestimating the importance of pastoral systems, or downplaying it, can slow down development and lead to undesirable consequences.
Subject: Learning and Knowledge Management
Author: Kratli, S. and Swift, J.
Year: April 2014
Geographical Location: Kenya

Review of water development and irrigation in Karamoja, Uganda
Description: This report reviews water developments in the drylands of Uganda, specifically in Karamoja region. The report presents a review of development policy and interventions in water, especially irrigated crop agriculture in Karamoja.
Subject: Natural Resource Management
Author: REGLAP Uganda
Year: March 2014
Geographical Location: Uganda

From commitment to action: are donors meeting their pledges to build resilience in the Horn of Africa?, March 2014
Description: This is a summary brief based on the report on donor funding for resilience in the Horn of Africa.
Subject: Learning and Knowledge Management
Author: Atyang, A. and Standley, S.
Year: March 2014
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa

Reflections on the ECHO’s regional drought preparedness decision 2006-2013
Description: Between 2006-2013 European Community Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (DG ECHO) has invested 90million Euros in the Horn of Africa regional drought preparedness program (referred to as the DRRAP). This document narrates the ‘story’ of DRRAP: how the regional programme started and evolved; highlights notable successes, challenges and lessons learnt, with the intention of informing other actors who may be planning similar programmes in the future.
Subject: Drought Cycle Management
Author: Tilstone, V.
Year: March 2014
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa

Plotting progress: integrated planning in the rangelands of Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda (reduced size)
Description: This is a synthesized version of the REGLAP review, reproduced by the International Land Coalition as part of its "Rangelands Series".
Subject: Planning
Author: Flintan, F.
Year: February 2014
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa