Summary briefs

Progress and reflections: Two years of the Drylands Learning and Capacity Building Initiative for Policy and Practice Change in the Horn of Africa
Description: This brief discusses DLCI's evaluation of its ECHO program that ran from January 2014 to September 2015 highlighting DLCI’s unique positioning to improve policy and practice for the drylands in the region..
Subject: Resilience general
Author: Isobel Birch
Organization: DLCI
Year: 2015
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa

A framework for improved integrated education in the ASALs of Kenya
Description: This brief is a summary of the DLCI document, ‘Framework for Improved Education in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya’ (2015).
Subject: Education
Author: Wesonga, D.
Organization: DLCI
Year: 2015
Geographical Location: Kenya

Counting Pastoralists in Kenya
Description: This is a summary brief based on the study "Counting Pastoralists' in Kenya which argues that new approaches are needed to measure the pastoral system and the proportion of population that derives its livelihood from it.
Subject: Data collection methodologies
Author: Kratli, S.
Year: June 2014
Geographical Location: Kenya

Water development and irrigation in Karamoja
Description: This summary is based on a review of the same name and reviews some experiences of irrigation in Karamoja and the problems faced. The brief encourages caution in large scale irrigation in the drylands and learning from past experiences.
Subject: Natural Resource Management
Author: Avery, S.
Year: March 2014
Geographical Location: Uganda

From Commitment to Action: Are donors meeting their pledges to build resilience in the HoA?
Description: This summary brief of a review of the same name reviews how donors are meeting their pledges made at the ending drought emergencies conference of 2011. The review concludes that many areas are being neglected in terms of resilience, including education, land rights, voice and governance.
Subject: Advocacy
Author: Atyang, A. and Standley, S.
Year: March 2014
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa

Opportunities to promote integrated planning in the drylands of the Horn of Africa
Description: This is a summary brief on a review done to review of potential opportunities and constraints for promoting integrated planning in the drylands of Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. This report draws together and reviews current and recent experience in planning processes in the drylands of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The analysis focuses on key drivers of policy and decision-making that influence different levels of development and land use planning in dryland areas and the outcomes.
Subject: Integrated planning
Author: Flintan, F.
Year: February 2013
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa

Why halting the fragmentation of the rangelands will improve the drought resiliency of Ethiopia’s pastoralists?
Description: This summary brief on Why halting the fragmentation of the rangelands will improve the drought resiliency of Ethiopia's pastoralists? summarizes the processes, causes and impacts of land fragmentation. It breaks these into Conservation of land to agriculture and other land use change, Weak and compromised planning and development interventions, Insecurity of tenure in pastoral lands and resources and finally, The disenfranchisement and marginalisation of pastoral systems and customary institutions. The brief finally gives recommendations.
Subject: Natural Resource Management
Author: Flintan, F.
Year: October 2012
Geographical Location: Ethiopia

The causes, processes and impacts of land fragmentation in the rangelands of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda
Description: This summary brief draws from a review of the same name and highlights the key trends and processes of land fragmentation in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The review explores the relationship between the fragmentation and the reduced ability of pastoralists to overcome drought, it highlights their strong linkages. Recommendations follow thereafter as to how the negative impacts of land fragmentation on pastoral livelihoods can be reduced or mitigated.
Subject: Natural Resource Management
Author: Flintan, F.
Year: August 2011
Geographical Location: Horn of Africa