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Data-collection_Journal-5-1 Putting pastoralism into numbers: Addressing the need for better data on the magnitude of the pastoralist sector in Kenya Two workshops held recently in Kenya and Ethiopia presented the findings of the DLCI study report ‘Counting Pastoralists in Kenya’. Based on the Kenyan workshop presentations and the report, this article highlights the urgent need for better methods to assess the pastoral system, why improved data collection methodologies would more accurately assess the pastoralist sector in Kenya, and what opportunities are available to achieve this. Learning and knowledge management Tilstone, V & de Jode, H. DLCI December 2014 Kenya

Funding-for-resilience-in-Journal-5-1 From commitment to action: are donors meeting their pledges to build resilience in the Horn of Africa? This article summarizes the major findings from a review carried out by REGLAP in 2013; highlights the donor initiatives that appear to be moving in the right direction; and suggests how IGAD, its member states and all development partners might take forward their promises to take action on to end drought emergencies. Resilience general Atyang, A. & Standley, S. DLCI December 2014 Horn of Africa

KMT-article-for-Journal-5-1 IBLI: The next steps and why government support is needed An article in REGLAP Journal 4, which detailed the progress being made in northern Kenya with Index Based Livestock Insurance, concluded that IBLI will not be entirely commercially viable without subsidy support for product development, knowledge transfer and even product premiums. The need for government involvement is explored further in this article. Livestock health, production and marketing Daud, A. & , Mbiyu, P. KMT December-2014 Kenya

Discussion Brief: Towards peace and security in dryland Kenya: the demand for a new approach This discussion paper looks at recent efforts to build greater peace and security, outlines the weaknesses and gaps within existing strategies, and outlines the calls for a new approach.  Peace Building Gibbons, S. PPG/DLCI November 2014 Kenya

briefs-15 Brief: Development in Ethiopia's Omo Basin and its effects on Kenya's Lake Turkana This is a research study done by Eng. Dr. Sean Avery around Lake Turkana. The study focuses on Omo Gibe basin and also brings out the details on Gibe III dam project as well as the impact on the ecology and environment of the Lower Omo and Lake Turkana. Natural Resource Management Avery, S. - September 2014 Ethiopia and Kenya

Final_discussion-paper_Turkana-aquifer-1 Discussion brief: Turkana aquifer discoveries and development This discussion brief examines the Turkana aquifer discoveries and the RTI remote sensing data and initial salinity tests and what can be concluded from it so far. The brief cautions of the preliminary and tentative nature of the finds which have to be rectified before they can be exploited for irrigation or to meet the water needs of other parts of Kenya. Natural Resource Management Avery, S. - September 2014 Kenya

DLCI e-bulletin: June - August 2014 This e-bulletin highlights key DLCI events for the months of June - August 2014. Learning and Knowledge Management Prech, D - September 2014 Horn of Africa

briefs-7 Counting Pastoralists in Kenya This is a summary brief based on the study "Counting Pastoralists' in Kenya which argues that new approaches are needed to measure the pastoral system and the proportion of population that derives its livelihood from it. Data collection methodologies Kratli, S. - June 2014 Kenya

study-review-6 Counting Pastoralists' in Kenya This report looks at the demand, the supply, and the future concerning data on the magnitude of pastoral systems in Kenya, based on the assertion that overestimating the importance of pastoral systems, or downplaying it, can slow down development and lead to undesirable consequences. Learning and Knowledge Management Kratli, S. and Swift, J. - April 2014 Kenya

e-bulletin-april-2014 DLCI e-bulletin: January - March 2014 This e-bulletin highlights key DLCI events and documents produced for the months of January - March 2014. Learning and Knowledge Management Prech, D - April 2014 Horn of Africa