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The combined document database includes all the documents in the following databases: key resilience documents, education documents, water documents and irrigation documents. The documents are sorted by date, with the latest appearing first…


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Author Organization Sub-subject Type of Document Date

Governing black gold:  lessons from oil finds in Turkana, Kenya IDS and Saferworld IDS and Saferworld Governance Research Briefing 2017
The intricate road to development: Government development strategies in pastoralist areas of the Horn of Africa Yohannes Aberra and Mahmmud Abdulahi Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa Pastoralism general Book 2015
Key statistics on the drylands of the Horn of Africa Prech, D. DLCI Resilience Review 2015
Participatory land use planning for building resilience of ASAL communities in Kenya Tilstone, V. & Flintan, F. DLCI and ILC Participatory land use planning Journal article 2016
Securing financially sustainable livestock services in Northern Kenya with private sector support Wako, D and Peacock, C. Sidai African Ltd Livestock production Journal article 2016
Pastoralism pays: new evidence from the Horn of Africa King-Okumu C., Wasonga O. V. and Eshetu Y. IIED, University of Nairobi and Tufts University Pastoralism Journal article 2016
Doing it together: co-creating innovation for resilience with local people Tasker, A. Sussex University Citizen participation Journal article 2016
Impact of drought related vaccination to livestock mortality in pastoralist Ethiopia Andy Catley, Dawit Abebe, Berhanu Admassu, Gezu Bekele, Bayou Abera, Gezahegn Eshete, Tesfaye Rufael and Tesfaye Haile Overseas Development Institute Livestock health Brief 2009


Enter title here IGAD IGAD and various Resilience Journal 2015
EDE Pillar 6: Institutional development and knowledge management NDMA Ministry of Devolution and Planning Drought preparedness Brief 2015