Water documents

This water documents database contains some key reference documents on water planning and development in the drylands of the Horn of Africa…


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Author Organization Sub-subject Type of Document Date

Exploratory irrigation water suitability study Vaughan, R. A Wajir County & Cropnuts Laboratory Services Irrigation Study Feb 2016
Lake Turkana and the Lower Omo: hydrological impacts of major dam and irrigation developments Avery, S. African Studies Center, University of Oxford Water Study 2012
Water development and irrigation in Karamoja, Uganda Avery, S. ACT alliance/DLCI Water Report 2014
Review of the Report: Advanced Survey of Groundwater Resources of Northern and Central Turkana County, Kenya Radar Technologies International Radar Technologies International Water Brief 2013
Good practices in water development in dryland regions Mtisi, S. & Nicol, A. IUCN, REGLAP, ACF Water Report 2013
Good practice guidelines for water development Somali Regional State of Ethiopia Somali Regional State of Ethiopia Water Guide 2012
Kenya Groundwater governance case study Mumma, A., Lane, M., Kairu, E., Tuinhof, A., & Hirji, R. Water Partnership Program Water Report 2011
Impact of Water Dam Constructed in Raya Azebo District - Oxfam America Water Assessment report 2011
Good practice principles: Guidelines for water development in the drylands of Africa Gitonga, M REGLAP/FAO Water Good practice principles 2011
Water resources management rules - Water Resources Management Authority Water Guidelines 2006